Another two PHOTO STUDIO 360 went to Sweden

Recently, we have completed the installation of another two PHOTO STUDIOs 360 for one of the Swedish leaders in the sale of used cars.

An additional challenge for us was the current pandemic situation in the world carrying additional restrictions. We used well this time by taking a step forward - we’ve developed schemes of remote start-up and calibration for PHOTO STUDIO 360 and teaching users in the online training system.

The permanent development of sales activities by the Internet forces us to implement new and smart tools supporting the whole process of creating virtual presentations. It is necessary to show the distinction and consistency online offers due to the very large number of advertisements on the Internet. The innovative PHOTO STUDIO 360 makes it possible to realize large numbers of professional photo sessions in a 360-degree view in high quality every day.

Thanks to the mobile App (which controls and steering the entire Studio) the process of making full 360-degree sessions is very easy and takes about only 10 minutes.

We are pleased that the e-commerce solutions designed by Virtual Car 360 gain recognition in more European markets creating new global standards in automotive.