Background replacement

Some car dealerships are facing the problem of lack of space for photographic sessions of cars they sell. Taking pictures with a traditional uniform background is time-consuming and involves a lot of work.

VirtualCar360 has designed an innovative solution that allows more professional sessions to be taken in less time.
Background Replacement is an innovative tool designed by Virtual Car 360. It features a system that changes background visible in the photo. Thanks to this tool, photo sessions can be arranged anywhere, and all photographs taken are consistent and fully standardized. The background is an important element of presentation - it helps establish professional image of a salon and distinguish its offers on the Internet. The solution of the background replacement significantly shortens lenght of a photosession.

A traditional method takes up to 60 minutes to take photos of one car, with the use of a uniform background for an online offer. With our Background Replacement solution, a professional completion of the entire session takes only 10 minutes. This makes the efficiency of sales department staff increase by up to 15%. This directly translates into a significant increase in car sales.