Backoffice Manager

In response to the permanent growth of automotive sector requirements, we have developed a series of innovative solutions to sales support of vehicles online.

One of them is a mobile application that allows you to take perfect pictures of cars in much less time. In addition to the efficiency of the process of photographing cars, we have created a dedicated Backoffice Manager system for clever photos and offers management online.

The completed photo session immediately goes to the cloud -> time of using photos and placing ads has been reduced to a minimum -> significantly improve the work of sales departments.

Besides managing photos and creating vehicle presentations, we can also efficiently catalog and administer individual advertisements in the PRO version. Our systems and solutions are based on modern cloud solutions Microsoft Azure so they are very safe, unfail and easy to integrate with any websites and exterior systems by the API.

Connecting mobile App with the platform to photos and presentation management allowed to create one of the most modern solutions of this type in the world.

Thanks to the Virtual Car 360 platform your car appears in attractive form on the Internet in just a few minutes.