Basic errors in vehicle photography for online offers

Many companies selling vehicles over the Internet are looking for ways to improve their sales results. However, the number of online offers does not always go hand in hand with success. a car on offer, despit attractive price, does not always attract buyer attention. What is the reason?

The key to success is an effective online presentation. The Internet currently plays a huge role in the market for the sale of both new and used cars, with more and more transactions being concluded online. Despite the fact that the standard of service is still rising, many of the advertisements are still created in an unprofessional way.

The basic problem is poorly taken photographs. Starting with incorrect framing, incorrect orientation of the photographs or the overexposed. Another aspect is the lack of sharpness and the photos that have been "moved". a frequently occurring problem in the form of an unattractive background, which has an equally important function in relation to the attractiveness of a given advertisement. Similarly, the inclusion in photographs of unnecessary elements which distract attention from the vehicle being the subject of the session.

Offers created on the basis of this type of documentation do not allow to attract the attention of customers and do not build a professional image of the seller. Photographs which are to serve as a sales support tool are the showcase of a showroom and testify to its professionalism.

Another equally important aspect is the number of photos published in online offers. Some of the showrooms are limited to taking a few illustrative photographs, but it should not be forgotten that it is on the basis of the photographs that the customer makes a decision about the purchase. The online offer should present the vehicle in detail, both the general view and interior, including details and above all possible damage. Apart from an attractive form of presentation, it should also be made credible by means of reliable photographs, which reflect the actual condition of the vehicle.

Making many sessions with a large number of photos is also associated with the need for efficient management, which is sometimes troublesome for some dealers as a result of time-consuming processes and the lack of possibility of ongoing verification of activities performed by sales department employees.

Another important role is played by the consistency of advertisements, created on the basis of assumed standards. In the case of larger companies, which have many locations, the integrity of ads and the repeatability of photo shoots is a key aspect in terms of consistent building of the image of a professional seller, and as a result, increasing the effectiveness of online offers.

It turns out that it is possible to sell more, faster and easier, and above all without incurring significant costs. How to do that? It is very simple.

On the basis of our many years of experience in the automotive and our answers to the constantly growing demand of automotive, we have created a set of modern tools that allow us to create attractive and effective online presentations.

Nowadays, the vast majority of people who think about purchasing a car first of all start looking for the vehicle they are interested in by checking the offers available on the Internet. Due to the constantly growing number of advertisements on the Internet, more and more car dealerships are looking for a way to distinguish their offers. Obtaining the customer's attention is currently a difficult and complex issue, so it is necessary to ensure a professional form of presentation.

To meet this challenge, Virtual Car 360 has designed a solution that allows you to take good photos that will allow you to attract customer attention.

This innovative tool allows to take professional photo sessions for e-commerce purposes in a faster, simpler and more effective way. Thanks to the mobile application, taking pictures takes only a few minutes and the effect is perfect. High quality photographs allow to stand out among other advertisements, and the repeatability of the frames makes all the realized sessions are consistent and are taken according to the adopted standard.

Another advantage of the tool created by Virtual Car 360 is the lack of need to use advanced photographic equipment. Thanks to the application, all photos are taken with a smartphone, which makes this tool available to employees of all levels - the system is simple and intuitive to use and the whole session takes only a few minutes. It is also connected with significant reduction of costs connected with the lack of necessity to purchase professional photographic equipment.

The innovative formula of the application is also a great facilitation, thanks to which the photos taken immediately go to the cloud. The modern solution allows to avoid a tedious and lengthy process of ripping and selecting appropriate photographs taken with the classic method. In the case of Virtual Car 360 solution, it takes only a few minutes from the start of the session to the appearance of a ready online offer, which in effect allows for a significant improvement in the work of the sales department.

We encourage you to observe our profile on LinkedIn. In 2021, we will start a series of free online trainings, where we will show you how to take the best photos of cars, based on which you will create professional online offers.