Photo App - Fast Track, High Quality

Does taking sales photos of vehicles your salon take too long?

We have solved your problem by shortening the time from 60 to 5 minutes.

We have created an innovative virtual background change tool to speed up the picture taking process. No more time wasted manoeuvring the car to achieve an even background – our system does it for you.

We know the needs of our clients and how valuable the work time is of a salesperson. We constantly improve our solutions and introduce new changes. One of them is two new photo processing modes:

  • Fast Track,
  • High Quality.

You get to take professional photos of your cars, so you can sell more and spend less time doing it.

What are Fast Track and High Quality?

Fast Track and High Quality are two new functionalities that are available as part of the additional Background Change service. We developed them to further improve the process of creating online offers using the Photo Application.

Fast Track – Allowing you to replace the virtual background in just 2 hours! By using AI, the system automatically applies the selected graphics. In this way your photo shoot with its new background goes online quickly, and you need less time to prepare your offer.

High Quality - As with the FAST TRACK, the background change is handled by the system. In this mode all photos are additionally verified and corrected by a team of 30 experienced graphic designers. Perfect photos help to make your salon portfolio stand out online and gain the attention of potential clients.

Fast Track and High Quality are an integral part of the cloud-based, advanced Virtual Car 360 platform, revolutionising the process of creating online offers. We know how to achieve effective offers. We currently process several thousand photos taken by dealers all over Europe every month.

The tools we created are the most modern, safe and effective solutions supporting car sales.

Check out our revolutionary e-commerce solution that we have prepared for you.