Photo Studio 360

PHOTO STUDIO 360 is advanced and fully automated machine, controlled by a dedicated Application on Smartphone.

Thanks to complete control by the Smartphone APP, taking a sessions in full 360-degree view is easy, smart and fast: whole proces takes takes 10 minutes and the effects are repeatable during each subsequent session. You do not need qualified photographers to operation- the whole photo session process is managed by an application that guides the user step by step.

The turntable and platform is made of steel and cut out with the greatest possible precision and care by the laser.

Each studio contain a special photo box wit professional material and dedicated LED lighting system- the photographed vehicles look attractive and professionally (every time in the same conditions and high quality).

Also every single shot of the car are always the same, with 1-degree accuracy.

It is also possible to design and build non-standard dimensions of Photo Studio depending on the specifics of space.

In addition, some elements of Photo Studio can be also personalized especially for Customer as background, floor, etc.

Currently Virtual Car 360 solutions operate in several countries in Europe and all the time we are working on new implementations.

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