The new Photo App dedicated to iOS

The new Photo App dedicated to iOS is now available among the automotive solutions offered by Exacto Group.

The Exacto Technology department, as a partner of VirtualCar360, supported the design activities and work on a modern car photography application dedicated to iOS. Refreshed interface, new functionalities, greater possibilities – these are just some of the features of the new version of the application.

We are experts in the automotive industry – specialists who have gained experience by working in car sales companies, vehicle financing companies, transport companies, advertising agencies and big software houses. We know and understand the business and needs of our partners, which are mainly importing centres and used car dealerships. We can see that customers are increasingly finding and wanting to buy used cars online. Online purchasing processes are quick, convenient and can be carried out anytime, anywhere.

Due to the huge number of sales offers on the Internet, an increasing number of dealers are looking for effective systems supporting the process of creating online offers, according to the “stand out or die” principle. The modern Photo App is our response to the growing needs in this area and is one of the most modern tools available in the world.

The mobile application allows the user to carry out the sessions in a quick, easy and effective way. An attractive and interactive form of presenting the car allows you to gain the attention of a potential buyer and, thanks to the implementation of offers based on the assumed standard, supports establishing a professional image of the dealer and the entire brand. The solution has quickly gained popularity and is now a widely used tool by Customers on several markets in Europe.

The progressive digitisation of sales and the changing market trends inspire us – we do not keep up with the changes, we are ahead of them. We do it through providing more and more technologically advanced solutions in order to enable dealers to present and sell vehicles online effectively.

Development is a key aspect for us, we constantly develop new functionalities and improvements for our solutions. This is why one of our recent implementations is the next, new version of the Photo App, which was created for Apple iOS devices. We have introduced a number of new functionalities, including those related to the determination of individual parameters of the sessions to obtain the optimal setting of parameters, properties and quality of photos. The new tool also means new quality and effects. a simple and transparent application menu and intuitive operation make the application very quick and simple to set up, and easy and convenient to use.